Blood money - BECOMING HUMAN
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The watcher - IT LIES WITHIN
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Following blind master - NUSKIN
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Taken - Kissing Cnadice
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Deadline for submissions Feb 5th
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Dec 6.7 & 13,14th
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   With HOUSE OF RAZORBLADES being a collective of resources and entertainment it seems only fitting that we produce this quality content in a worldwide publication, right? Well, we ARE. Gathering artists of all kinds for interviews has already begun! 

   First and foremost are the bands, venues and promoters that bring you what you love most in life MUSIC. Diving into talks with some of the most brilliant and weird minds in the heavy metal scene. 

   Created by Internationally published model, entertainer, promoter, metalhead, haunted house creep, High Priestess, Pagan, freak and mother of 4  Shannon Razorblade, this magazine will include EVERYTHING!

The hottest tattoo models with substance will grace the beautiful card stock matte pages complete with a centerfold poster. ALONGSIDE some of the worlds best tattoo artists and shops. Information about body modification, history and inspirations from the greatest names in the industry. Art will not be left to tattoos alone. A collection of stunning photographers will be published, giving new views of the obscure, macbre and beautiful architecture and nature you've never seen. 

Historically accurate articles from KSU teacher about Heathen ways of life. Reenactment information and teachings provided by T.R.I.B.E.S. and it's members.

Learn how to be a legitimate viking to enrich your daily life and make your ancestors proud.

Science will not be left out!! We have contributors from Michigan bee association, farmers, and lots of other qualified people to talk about current earth issues.


Since we're all big nerds around here, H.O.R promises to deliver the hottest, most badass cosplay chicks in the world AND the best reviews and insider tips on the best games for game stations and PC.

 THE ALTER will be a section of information on natural healing, nutrition, sabots, self care and many more time appropriate topics.


Movies, producers, actor/actress, set designers, prop builders, mask makers and mask wearers will tell stories that will make you cringe and question life itself.

   IN SHORT H.O.R MAGAZINE will melt your face with terrifying, inspiring and headbanging material captured in a coffee table magazine you will want to read several times over.


Show your support please!!

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