Shannon Razorblade has created a family of all sorts of brilliant and talented people and resources. With connections to record your album, make music videos, print flyers and shirts, promote, book and host shows and even help create a show stopping appearance with her line of merchandise. Masks, clothing and jewelry is just the start of where her dreams/nightmares will lead her designs. With the very recent launch of the NEW WEBSITE HOUSEOFRAZORBLADES.COM all of these resources will be a one stop shop. As far as Shannon herself, being an internationally published model for 20 years and a musician for just as long she is a born entertainer and has the experience to run it all as well.  

House of Razorblades was created by Shannon in 2013 after being convinced the entertainment business needed a rejuvenation and some new incentives and inspiration. She is full steam clawing her way into everything. Don’t tell this woman she doesn’t belong or she can’t do it, with a smiling face and and a “go get em” attitude she will happily mingle and entertain any genre of people and make sure the job gets done.

Shannon Razorblade’s performance skills are complex and entertaining. From aerial silks, metal grinding on a cage with bloody dancers, body suspension to fire play, AND  a whole sideshow performance, haunted houses and band/artist interviews, this lady knows how to keep all eyes on her.  All the while I’ve never met anyone more caring and humble than Mrs.Razorblade. If she’s not being creepy you can bet there are motivational and inspirational motives under all that blood. Benefit shows, fundraisers and clothing drives are no stranger to the House of Razorblades.

Current projects are to continue searching for resources and affiliates for the website, including bands, models, and artists of all kinds. 

With HAUNT SEASON right around the corner H.O.R is gearing up for members to be actors at Rotten manor along with SPECIAL PERFORMANCES SATURDAY NIGHTS.

House of Razorblades will continue indefinitely growing bigger and stronger in EVERY avenue in the entertainment and merchandise avenue.

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